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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Interview With Jessica of RoTMDesigns

A series of interviews with some incredibly talented artists and designers, todays artist is the creater of RoTMDesigns

Ricaso: Tell us a bit about yourself

Jessica : I'm Jessica and I run RoTMDesigns on
I also have an shop called Thingz n' Stuffs:
I am a mom of 2 kids, a 7yr old boy and a 6 mo old baby girl. I currently reside in FL. I am also a massage therapist besides being an illustrator.

Ricaso: How did you find Zazzle?

Jessica: By accident... lol I found it doing a web search. I wanted to get my designs out to the public.

Ricaso: How do you create your art?

I draw them first, then i scan it and render the image. I use Serif Draw Plus X and Photoshop.

Ricaso: Have you made friends, true friends through Zazzle?

Jessica: Yes, I have. I got the opportunity to meet 2 of them in person it was fun! :)

Ricaso: Favorite design and why?
Jessica: I like so many!!! I can't pick one! I'll pick 2?
The Kuddle Krew Nutcracker Suite:

I like this one because you don't see many nutcracker themed Christmas cards. Plus, its unique because I used my own original characters to portray some of the characters in the ballet.

Kat o'9Tails w/ Marty:

Its different and originally the cat was a Halloween design that I decided to continue. I love the detail and of course Marty the voodoo doll! :)

Ricaso: In an ideal world what product(s) would you like to see Zazzle offer?

Jessica: I would like to see notebooks, plus sizes, boogie boards...

Ricaso: What feature would you like to see Zazzle bring in?

Jessica: "no right clicks" to help with image theft on every window.

Ricaso: What would you be doing now if you had never of heard of Zazzle?

Jessica: I would still draw and massage but not at the same time. LOL

Ricaso: What do you like to do when not Zazzling?

Jessica: I like to try to relax. Spend time w/ the kids & family. Massage...

Ricaso: What is your favorite Zazzle feature?

Jessica: I don't know if i have a favorite feature...

Ricaso: If you won the lottery, would you still design for Zazzle?

Jessica: Maybe not...

Ricaso: What one piece of advice would you give about Zazzling?

Jessica: To be patient. Its a large community & you just have to be patient w/ all the features.

Ricaso: How can friends/fans/customers find/follow you away from Zazzle?

Jessica: I am on the twitter!: jesikam78
I have a facebook fan page!:

The French Kiss Caberet print
The French Kiss Caberet by Jessie_M
Shop the other art at zazzle

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