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Interview With Sandy Buckley

Interview with the very talented photographer, artist and designer Sandy Buckley

Ricaso: Tell us a bit about yourself

Sandy: My name is Sandy Buckley and I am a graphic designer living in a small little island community called Friday Harbor. We moved here back in 2005 when I was employed by an insurance broker in Fairfax VA and had been working with insurance programs for long term care facilities for the past 20 years. The island immediately inspired me to get more in touch with "my creative side," so I began taking photos and dabbling in drawing....a pastime which has become so much more than a hobby!

Ricaso: How did you find Zazzle?

Sandy: Hmmm, I found Zazzle when I was looking for an outlet to sell photography from the islands. It seemed interesting and easy to use- so that's how I got my start here.

Ricaso: How do you create your art?

Sandy: Within months of our move, I had collected many photos of seascapes, orca whales and wildlife and turned to the internet to see what options existed for sharing the beauty I had discovered. Just three years out of the beta mode, Zazzle seemed like a great place to see if the world would share my enthusiasm. I joined the community in 2006, never expecting to find a world of innovative artists and a spirit of entrepreneurship which would become “empowering” to me.

Meeting so many celebrated artists and infusing yourself with far greater than “recommended daily allowances” of creativity in a positive and nurturing atmosphere is one of the reasons why I have continued as a loyal designer at Zazzle.

Ricaso: Have you made friends, true friends through Zazzle?

Sandy: I have actually made several really good friends here at Zazzle, Not only do I find the group very inspirational but sharing ideas and visions has really forced em to think outside of the box I can sometimes find myself. Just recently, I actually had the honor of having a fellow Zazzler visit me here on the island and we had the opportunity to share lots of ideas and strategies. When I head back to the east coast for a visit this winter, I'm hoping to catch up with some of the other really great people I have met here.

Ricaso: Favorite design and why?

Sandy: I recently was hired to create several stock designs for some scientists in British Columbia at the north end of Vancouver Island. The project wound up lasting about 5 months during which I was honored to witness the far-reaching scope of their science and tireless efforts – both of which really inspired me in a profound way. During the course of these interactions, I created a design embracing the fragility of our environment which is one of my favorites. It sort of became a tribute to piece for the selfless work of scientists to protect and preserve the natural beauty we take for granted each day.


Ricaso: In an ideal world what product(s) would you like to see Zazzle offer?

Sandy: I'd love to see a wider selection of tote bags (shoulder bags and/or knapsacks)- cool ones that is. I really think they could be a popular offering if there was a wider selection of hip styles. That and magnets for cars- I get lots of requests for car magnets for companies trying to promote their businesses. While we're at it, smiles...I'm hoping that Zazzle one day enhances their offerings in the business solution realm- marketing materials like folders, a suite of offerings would be very cool.

Ricaso: What feature would you like to see Zazzle bring in?

Sandy: Better sales reports for the sellers. An absolute MUST!

Ricaso: What would you be doing now if you had never of heard of Zazzle?

Sandy: Traveling to nursing homes advising owners on safety practices for employees and residents. Nuff said. :)

Ricaso: What do you like to do when not Zazzling?

Sandy: Watch the whales and marvel at the beauty of this region, volunteer for a lot of scientific groups in the region, hike, and spend lots of time with my kids- a yellow lab, a black lab and two striped kitties.

Ricaso: What is your favorite Zazzle feature?

Sandy: I love the changes that were recently introduced such as the layering of designs (send to back etc) and rotating fonts. It is amazing how much time that saves- not having to do EVERYTHING in photoshop!

Ricaso: If you won the lottery, would you still design for Zazzle?

Sandy: I dont think I could go a day without designing so I am pretty sure I'd still be online! It has truly become an addiction for me and I doubt that the cha ching would cure me.

Ricaso: What one piece of advice would you give about Zazzling?

Sandy: Learn the platform and do your homework before creating products. Once you spend some time getting used to the program itself, recognize it will take time to make money and the bottom line requires creative designs that the public will like.

Ricaso: How can friends/fans/customers find/follow you away from Zazzle?

Sandy: Oh gosh, I think I am everywhere at this point! LOL. Facebook, Imagekind, Blogger, Linkedin, Twitter, Posterous---to name a few. Or just send me an email to!

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Thank you for a very insightful interview sandy


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