Monday, 20 December 2010

Interview With Steve Benson

Interview with Steve Benson the creater of Twisted World Designs

Ricaso: Tell us a bit about yourself

Steve: Hi my name is Steve and I'm a design-a-holic ( crowd repeats back ..Hi Steve ) .. ok icebreaker is over :) I've been drawing for as long as I can remember , and other than my style & in some cases quality, my subject matter hasn't changed much in the last 35+ years, always been a bit odd, creepy, strange & different and so has my art . Since I have yet to hit that sweet spot all artists strive for which is to be able to do what I love (draw) and make a suitable living at it, I work full time and draw and design in my free time ( which is not nearly as often as I'd like ) but day in and day out I see potential designs & characters everywhere I go and with everything I do .

Ricaso: How did you find Zazzle?

Steve: Purely by accident, a friend tried to encourage me to sell some of my older designs as prints on line and just stumbled across Zazzle in a search.

Ricaso: How do you create your art?

Steve: Lol, pretty old school . Pencil and paper . I actually sketch my designs out on paper, ink them up by hand, scan them in to my comp and then using a very archaic software ( Paint Shop 8 ..ok stop laughing I like it ) I color them up as best I can.

Ricaso: Have you made friends, true friends through Zazzle?

Steve: I'd like to think so .

Ricaso: Favorite design and why?

Steve: My Irish Twins


I think because historically St Patrick's Day has always been my best selling season on Zazzle , and because cute & fuzzy is really not my area of expertise , this design allowed me to take a purely cute design that I had done and make it perverse , which always helps me sleep at night :)

Ricaso: In an ideal world what product(s) would you like to see Zazzle offer?

Steve: Dolls, stuffed designs :)

Ricaso: What feature would you like to see Zazzle bring in?

Steve: I think they do a pretty bang up job lately, but if I had to choose .. maybe more Gallery Design options ( on a simpler level ) something to make gallery navigation not quite so cumbersome. I don't know specifically what would help it .. I just know I have trouble myself sometimes getting through all my stuff to get to what I'm looking for ...

Ricaso: What would you be doing now if you had never of heard of Zazzle?

Steve: Honestly, I would've walked away from my art all together had I not found a place to showcase and sell my designs .

Ricaso: What do you like to do when not Zazzling?

Steve: Sleep ! Nah, spending time with my girls :)

Ricaso: What is your favorite Zazzle feature?

Steve: Being able to tweak placement and layering of designs in the item creation screen , gives me alot more freedom to get the final product the way I want it.

Ricaso: If you won the lottery, would you still design for Zazzle?

Steve: Yup ....maybe not as often ..but definitely YUP

Ricaso: What one piece of advice would you give about Zazzling?

Steve: Don't get discouraged !

Ricaso: How can friends/fans/customers find/follow you away from Zazzle?

Facebook, Twitter , My Website, My blog ( if I ever get around to finish setting it up )

Also check out I Broke My Crayon store


And no Cimmerrian post would be complete without my all time favorite design .. Shave me Elmo

Thanks Steve


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