Saturday, 11 December 2010

Interview With Victoria Lynn Hall

Interview with artist and designer Victoria Lynn Hall

Ricaso: How did you find Zazzle?.

Victoria: It was so long ago (2005), I really can't remember. I was probably searching for something else and just got lucky.

Ricaso: How do you create your art?

Victoria: I paint using acrylics, use various software programs to create digital art and graphic designs (from scratch and from scanned drawings) and also take a lot of digital pictures of flowers, cats, dogs and anything I find beautiful or humorous, even food.

Ricaso: Have you made friends, true friends through Zazzle?

Victoria: I have met many wonderfully talented and supportive people through Zazzle and look forward to getting to know them even better.

Ricaso: Favorite design and why?

Victoria: My favorite design is the image of my "Out of Water" Mermaid painting. This is one of my most personal paintings and represents my learning to embrace my own uniqueness and to make a place for myself in this world instead of waiting to "fit in". What's really lovely is that so many people have told me how much they relate to it and are inspired by it. That kind of feedback is one reason why I keep creating art.


Ricaso: In an ideal world what product(s) would you like to see Zazzle offer?

Victoria: At the top of my list would be a good quality V-neck t-shirt that would be flattering on women of all shapes and sizes.

Ricaso: What feature would you like to see Zazzle bring in?

Victoria: A way to combine earnings of multiple stores.

Ricaso: What would you be doing now if you had never of heard of Zazzle?

Victoria: Probably a lot more housework!

Ricaso: What do you like to do when not Zazzling?

Victoria:: Paint, take pictures, draw, read, write, hang out with my hippie husband and my cats, garden, travel, go wine tasting and listen to music.

Ricaso; What is your favorite Zazzle feature?

Victoria: Just one? Probably the design tools. They are hands down the most innovative and user friendly of all the POD sites. I especially like how easy they have made it for my customers to personalize my designs.

Ricaso: If you won the lottery, would you still design for Zazzle?

Victoria: Yes, I have a plan for when I win the lottery. I will open my own gallery and boutique and fill it with all the best Zazzle designs/products (including my own, of course).

Ricaso: What one piece of advice would you give about Zazzling?

Victoria: Be in it for the long haul or not at all. It took time for all the effort I put into my designs and stores to start paying off. Don't give up if you don't get instant results.

Ricaso: How can friends/fans/customers find/follow you away from Zazzle?

Victoria: - see the links page to find me on twitter and facebook

My stores: (w/my husband)


Thank you Victoria

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